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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Loving my new bread maker

I thought I would update regards to my bread maker I got. Thanks for giving me the nudge Sadie! 

I love it I bought the Panasonic one a bit pricey but has by far had the best reviews. So far we have had fresh bread on three days since Saturday morning. One being a lovely white loaf the  other two are just a soft sandwich loaf perfect for sandwiches for Mr M to take to work and children's lunch box. (Not daughters though) my next Loaf will be a gluten free one just trying to find a good recepie that doesn't contain egg like most GF free loafs do.

I love the fact I just put the ingredients in the bread pan. Yeast in the dispenser set the programme and it does it all for me. I know it's very lazy off me and I'm sure lots of eyes are rolling and people tutting but I just can't seem to master the dough of GF bread so the bread maker is mainly to provide GF bread that isn't processed and full of artificial ingredients for my daughter. As I have spent quiet a bit on it I might as well use it for all our bread. 

I'm glad I bought one though. 


  1. no eye rolling here, whatever makes life easy is a good thing if you ask me! I've been curious about a bread maker, so it's nice to hear just how much you are loving it.

    Have a fabulous weekend x

  2. I've had mine since March and love it. I made olive and salami bread the other day which was lovely. So many things that you can do with it!

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